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For victims of domestic abuse or stalking, Intresys Corp. provides the Domestic Violence/Protection from Abuse (DVPFA) service.  The DVPFA uses the TurboCourt Platform™ and is fully web-based, requiring only a standard browser and no special software. DVPFA supports IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and most mobile Windows and Android devices as well as the iPad®. If your court is currently reviewing petitions electronically, TurboCourt’s DVPFA service can enhance your system by creating a completely electronic domestic violence solution.

TurboCourt’s Domestic Violence/Protection from Abuse service employs the following capabilities:

  • DVPFA provides a safe internet based forum for the victim to submit their petition as well as the draft orders.
  • DVPFA enables the victim to access and reproduce the order of protection, once it has been granted,  immediately from their home computer
  • DVPFA  will notify law enforcement of the protective order and provide an electronic copy
  • DVPFA enables the victim to submit custody modification, child support and visitation schedule requests electronically.  
  • DVPFA will also notify the respondent, provided local rules allow and contact information is provided.


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