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TurboCourt for self represented litigants is an award winning internet accessible guided, questionnaire-based document assembly service. The platform assists individuals and families without legal representation to quickly create appropriate, well formed and accurate filings. The following concepts are central the effectiveness of our document assembly solution.

● Comprehensive Assistance ● Accuracy  Advanced Functionality ● Resulting Forms

The TurboCourt document assembly service was designed to provide a user friendly interface that guides the user through each step.  Comprehensive assistance has been integrated at every level to ensure ease of use.  We have incorporated user assistance in the following areas:

  • A guided tutorial quickly provides the user with visual queues and easy to understand instructions on how to use the document assembly program. The tutorial has been designed to guide anyone through our easy to use program, even those court users with limited exposure to the internet.
  • Our introduction page provides the user with a clear overview of the process.  Included on this page are helpful tips as well as a user check list that ensures the users have their personal information prepared and ready to input into the appropriate fields.
  • Help screens and links to our Frequently Asked Questions are distributed throughout the program to assist whenever the user needs a helping hand
  • Automatic pop-ups provide helpful information based on the user's individualized responses.

Additionally, TurboCourt is committed to ensuring accuracy throughout the document assembly process.  This is accomplished by:

  • Configuring all questions as either Yes/No or multiple choice questions. This format makes the process much easier and less complicated for the user.
  • Subjecting all TurboCourt text to a literary consultant’s review to ensure readability and ease of understanding.
  • Providing a custom Status Bar and a Page List which serve as visual tools to guide the user through the process.  Additionally, these tools ease of navigation through the process.
  • Asking only once for answers! Repetitive information that is required on multiple forms needs to be provided only once, our interactive software intuitively and automatically, inserts the information provided in the appropriate fields throughout the entire questionnaire.

The intuitive nature of TurboCourt’s responses is just one of the advanced functions imbedded within our software.  Advanced functions like this and others enable:

  • The intuitive nature of our software ensures the user is entering sections and answering questions based on their specific needs.  Based on the user’s previous response, our dynamic question system presents the user with only the questions relevant to them. 

  • Automatic data validation ensures that answers provided are entered accurately. For example, if the user indicates their date of divorce occurred prior to their date of marriage, the program will alert the user to the error and requires it to be corrected.
  • Automatic calculation software ensures the user does not have to grapple with complex pieces of data, ensuring forms are completed with accurate calculations.
    • Example 1: In Family Law, the program automatically calculates the percentage of time each parent spends with their children, regardless of how the time is entered. (hours/days per week/month/year). 
    • Example 2: In the case of an unlawful detainer, the program automatically calculates the Notice Expiration Date, taking into account weekends and holidays.

Accurate form packaging is fundamental to the efficiency of the TurboCourt services.   The resulting forms packages incorporate the automatically generated necessary forms needed and are tailored to the court users needs.

  • Based on user responses, our program automatically determines which forms and attachments need to be generated. 
  • TurboCourt ensures the fields contained within each form are properly filled out with the required information, and formatted according to its data type. Sample data types include checked boxes, dates, dollar amounts, phone number and zip codes + 4. 
  • Additional form requirements are automatically generated, added to the queue and completed by the user.
  • Overflow protection generates an attachment form that accommodates additional information if the user runs out of space. The supplemental information attaches and references the main form and the relevant question number for easy reference.
  • TurboCourt provides links to related forms allowing the user to fill out forms that may be required later.  These forms can be printed and completed at a later date once the user has determined if the submission of the form is needed. 
  • Each program includes comprehensive, printable instructions. The instructions include information such as: Filing fees, necessary signatories, and next steps. 

By providing TurboCourt to self represented litigants, courts have the potential to significantly reduce processing time, shorten wait times at service counters, limit repeat visits and reduce the need for additional information and documents to be submitted.


To see how this dynamic service can assist your court, please contact us for more information.