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TurboCourt on iphone

TurboCourt is interactive. TurboCourt asks questions and, based on the answers you provided, the program sequences additional questions and ultimately assembles and populates the necessary forms.

TurboCourt is helpful. Throughout the questionnaire process,TurboCourt displays helpful explanations that allow the user to better understand what the questions are asking and how best to answer them.

TurboCourt is easy to use. TurboCourt software ensures the user is aware of where they are in the filing assembly process at all times. Questions can be provided in over 50 different languages and the user is never asked to input the same information twice. Additionally, because it tracks and interprets answers provided, TurboCourt guides the user only through the questions that are relevant to their individual situation.

TurboCourt looks after you. TurboCourt software enables the user to save work in progress while simultaneously allowing you to navigate the entire site with ease. It alerts if there are statutory or other fees, and it lets you pay them electronically Once a filing process has been initiated, TurboCourt will securely maintain an accessible personal file on the internet. TurboCourt users will also be provided links to relevant information and it can remind you of the next steps to take with your submissions.

TurboCourt is simple. All that is needed to access TurboCourt services is an internet browser and access to a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.  Explanations of legal terminology and other helpful information is provided throughout and is capable of being translated into more than 50 languages.

TurboCourt is cost-effective. Submissions made through TurboCourt are often free or charged a minimal fee, when compared to other traditional form fees.