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The TurboCourt’s Fee Waiver and Deferral Solution enables courts to:

  • streamline the waiver, deferral and ruling process
  • ensure complete information is provided
  • pre-evaluate petitioners, using your courts standard evaluation criteria
  • route applications and rulings electronically, in real time
  • increase fee revenue by offering and tracking deferrals when petitioners do not qualify for waivers
  • monitor applications and issue decisions from almost anywhere

This streamlining solution uses a single continuous questionnaire format to simplify the fee waiver and deferral processes. At the end of the virtual interview, our software produces the appropriate form package. Prior to printing or filing the appropriate forms package, the fee waiver and deferral service has the ability to notify the applicant whether he/she qualifies for a waiver, a deferred payment plan or both based on the information provided.    Customization of this flexible solution can facilitate the automatic completion and attachment of additional items such as cover sheets, routing slips and proposed orders/forms for signature.

In addition, courts can configure their service to allow the applicant to produce a hard copy of their application for submission to the court, or enable electronically delivered to an individual judicial officer, to a team or to individuals based on information provided in the application.

The flexibility of the TurboCourt Platform provides endless potential for simplifying the fee waiver and payment deferral process.  The service can be tailored to organize applications into categories ie. “may qualify”, “unlikely to qualify”, “may or may not qualify”; Score applications based on qualifiers, allow authorities to review and rule on applications with an electronic signature, and enable the ruling to be delivered to the applicant electronically. If the waiver is denied, TurboCourt can provide the applicant with a proposed payment structure at any point throughout the process.


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