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Court and IV-D agency professionals across the county know the application process for child support services can be confusing, cumbersome, and lengthy, especially for individuals who speak English as a second language. Applications received by local child support agencies are typically incomplete, illegible and contain inaccurate information. Staff are required to contact applicants, often several times, to make corrections or obtain missing information, creating delays in opening cases and obtaining child support for the family within federally mandated strict timeframes

TurboCourt has established a solution to be used by state and federal government agencies. A guided interview is provided to guide the user through each step of the traditionally cumbersome process.  This tool is available in over 50 languages.  The application can be submitted electronically and required supporting documents and forms will attach ensuring that the application is complete, accurate, and legible. In addition, a link with TurboCourt can be established for referrals, which offers child support services to those filing for a divorce , separation or other relevant action.  Data already entered for domestic relation forms is transferred to the child support application. The link facilitates speedy activation of court ordered child support enhancing family self-sufficiency. 

TurboCourt ensures local child support agencies receive complete and legible applications requiring less time is needed to assist each filer. Local child support agencies have immediate access to electronically-filed applications, saving mailing and internal routing time. In some courts and IV-D agencies, these improvements have cut processing time by 30% enabling 15% more cases to be opened than prior to TurboCourt

TurboCourt empowers child support agencies to increase revenues, responsiveness and cost-efficiency while handling the public's filing of applications and service requests.


A California LCSA's Experience with TurboCourt Child Support.

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