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The Intresys vision of eCourts is one that extends well beyond electronic filing.  Intresys envisions e-court solutions extending to all areas of business and operations for courts and agencies. Whether it is a court or agency's services, knowledge retention and management, infrastructure, or staff, eCourt solutions optimally deal with each of these areas and beyond, enabling courts to:

  • Extend their many services to the public using technology effectively
  • Retain expert knowledge that has been accumulating amongst court personnel
  • Easily transfer that knowledge to other staff, agencies, and the public in a comprehensive manner
  • Efficiently and effectively train current and new staff on policies and procedures
  • Calendar and assign cases according to a variety of parameters
  • Manage and schedule human resources in real-time, with great flexibility
  • The ability to easily adapt and customize e-solutions to specific requirements means that courts and agencies of any size can realize the many benefits now by joining the eCourts revolution.

Our suite of eProducts tackles a variety of challenges confronting courts and agencies in the face of tighter budgets and ongoing service obligations. Intresys presently offers several flexible licensing approaches that allow courts and agencies to choose a plan that fits their budget and operational structure. Some of these options include:   Electronic document and filing assembly, with or without questionnaire-based virtual assistance on the internet; Electronic Filing, with optional Clerical and Judicial Review features; Electronic Service; Electronic Payment, Translation in over 50 languages; SaaS or local installation; Scalability and Performance; Standard and non-standard Integration Options; Access for litigants, the public, the bar, institutions, justice partners and data aggregators and Revenue-generating and revenue-enhancing services.

TurboCourt was designed to help the judiciary implement and operate fully electronic courts. When using TurboCourt, the judiciary can implement electronic courts of all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to be built in a single step but can be created over time. Either way, TurboCourt can be used to support all electronic interactions or only select ones. In general, TurboCourt :

  • Improves access to justice for the court’s constituents. Significant improvements in this area are possible within a court even without integration. Integration with an existing court system is not required to achieve significant improvements.
  • Migrates the majority of filing and legal service activity onto the internet, freeing up staff to manage situations that present exceptions.
  • Enables "touchless" intake of documents and effective use of electronic case files, by using the TurboCourt document management module or have the TurboCourt integrate with one or many dedicated case management and/or document management systems the Judiciary may already have.
  • Presents electronic access features to litigants, the public, justice partners and information aggregators.
  • Leverages existing investments in software and infrastructure, by taking advantage of the modular design of the TurboCourt. It is flexible and cost-effective since it can integrate with and use existing building blocks of your electronic court setup.
  • Implements or enhance electronic fee and revenue collection, by opting to use our TurboCourt ePayment module and/or the TurboCourt Configurator to specify fee schedules that can be basic or complex in nature.