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Tania Wasser – Co-Founder & CTO

Alexander M. Zilberfayn – Co-Founder, Business Development

Board of Advisors


Tania Wasser – Co-Founder & CTO

Ms. Tania Wasser is the co-founder of INTERSYS, an e-Government software and services firm.  Ms. Wasser is an expert and authority in technical design, engineering and deployment of collaborative government enterprise systems.  Ms. Wasser serves as the Product and Strategy Director at INTERSYS and leads the company’s national initiatives with the justice market. Currently this includes leading the team partnering with the Arizona state court system, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the state of California court system.

She is recognized as an authority in business and technology with particular emphasis on standards including NIEM and ECF.  Ms. Wasser is  recognized as an expert on the evolving role of government in the provision of efficient on-line services to the public. 

Her past accomplishments include: the design, development of a marketing lifecycle and collaborative commerce system for the University of California at Berkley; creation of one of the initial web-based CRM systems for KLA-TENCOR; development of and ERP installation for SAMTRANS; development of carrier billing system modules for PACIFIC BELL and revenue system for PG&E..  She also has significant expertise in design and engineering interfaces to finance, human resource, procurement and asset management systems.

Ms. Tania Wasser holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from Odessa State University, Ukraine. 

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Alexander M. Zilberfayn – Co-Founder, Business Development

As Co-Founder of TurboCourt, an on-line, interactive form system used in e-Government applications, he manages strategic planning, expansion and growth of the e-Govenrment systems initiatives.  Mr. Zilberfayn is responsible for building the company’s industry relationships with leading government systems nationwide. He is responsible for maintaining client relationships including product application and education. He also manages business development and oversees the company’s financial accounts.  His blend of domain expertise combined with the ability to create solid strategies and partnerships has helped INTERSYS establish its strong presence in the public sector.

Trained as a civil and structural engineer, he brings to INTERSYS critical expertise in project management; product development and planning and implementation of large scale capital projects.

Recognized in 2010 by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in software development and solutions for courts and government agencies. He is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International, the National Association for Court Management and the Mid Atlantic Association for Court Management. Mr. Zilberfayn has been published and featured in The Court Manager, a national judicial news magazine, and the global Trends Report.  He is also a frequent speaker and presenter on industry advanced technologies forums.

Mr. Zilberfayn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering and a Master’s Degree in civil Engineering from Riga Technical University.

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Board of Advisors

Don Hatfield - A seasoned executive with wide experience in the technology field. He has held top executive positions in multiple information and technology service companies with demonstrated success in the area of software development.

Margaret "Peggy" Thompson - A high level government administrator with over 30 years of executive experience.  Peggy is a visionary and creative force.

Alec Miloslavsky – Has a solid record of success as an entrepreneur in the technology arena.  He is a recognized leader in the field. With over 20 years of executive level experience, he brings a wide range of development ability, skill and leadership to the Board.  He currently holds multiple advisory positions in the technology industry and is currently a Partner at Exigen Capital.

Alex Shubat, Ph. D – Widely respected technology executive, engineer and successful entrepreneur.  He has held a wide range of executive positions and is recognized as a highly successful leader.

James Wilkens, JD – Attorney with extensive experience in business and finance, Jim is highly knowledgeable in the applicable areas of law, technology and business.

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