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TurboCourt modules are components of the TurboCourt Platform that can be individually packaged and configured to deliver precisely targeted services.  TurboCourt’s current module offerings enable courts to establish the following eCourt functions:

● eFile ● ePay  eDocket  eSchedule  eCitation ● eSelf Help 
● eCase Files  eDocument Management ● eSignature 
 eNotice  eService

Modules currently available through TurboCourt services include:

Filer Portal (EFSP)

Enables preparation and submission of electronic filings and eservice by self-represented litigants, attorneys, and agencies by means of intelligent and free-form filings.

TurboCourt™ Electronic Filing Manager (EFM)

Provides transaction validation and submission for electronic filings, based upon court policy, business rules and settings.

TurboCourt™ Clerk/Judge Review

Enables the receipt and review of filings and documents.  This module also enables filing acceptance/rejection.

TurboCourt™ Configurator

Administration of court policies, rules, and properties, as well as system user management and Filer Portal management. This module also allows for data retention management.

TurboCourt™ Reporting

Enables statistical reports such as total filings,

monthly comparison and financial reports.

TurboCourt™ Customer Support

Allows electronic issues submission,

routing, and resolution.

TurboCourt™ Public Access

Web-based module that provides role-based access to court documents, events, schedules and other court information. It supports a variety of business models such as free access, pay-per-view, subscriptions and others.

TurboCourt™ e-Payments

Enables electronic payments from multiple sources including credit cards and bank accounts, via PayPal or other third party provider.

TurboCourt™ Integrator

ECF 4.0 compliant and mediates transactions between the TurboCourt electronic filing and Case/Document Management Systems

Turbocourt™ On-Demand Paper

Captures and manages both e-filed and paper filed documents, enables Public Access, Central Data and Documents repository.