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TurboCourt Interactive Intelligent E-filing™ provides, out-of-the box, all necessary major components for e-Courts and eFiling, including:

  1. An interactive electronic filing portal for attorneys, justice partners, businesses and pro se litigants
  2. Support for bulk filings, free-form filing, award-winning interactive forms generation and filing, and electronic service
  3. EFM (Electronic Filing Manager)
  4. e-Payments
  5. Fully integrated e-customer care module
  6. A full-featured eFiling portal for records managers, administrators and judicial officers of the Judicial Branch
  7. Support for routing, document management, workflow and messaging
  8. Powerful statistical, demographics, performance measurement and financial reporting and
  9. Network, Integration and Software Engineering Services to create the enterprise-grade hardware and software infrastructure that statewide eCourts need

TurboCourt is a suite of interactive, internet-based programs designed to assist attorneys and litigants, including self represented, and other court users to efficiently, securely and reliably conduct eGovernment commerce. TurboCourt increases responsiveness and efficiency while obtaining accurate and complete information for the courts.  TurboCourt is a cost effective solution to improve upon your current system with a platform that is efficient and responsive to the changing needs of your court.  TurboCourt is currently operating in 18 states including California, Illinois, Arizona, Florida and New York and nationwide within DHS USCG.

There are many instances in all of our experiences where we have been frustrated by unnecessary complexity and confusion when attempting to interact with government agency.  This can be especially true when filing court documents. The TurboCourt programs genius is their ability to tackle any combination of complex scenarios, match them to the requirements of any number of intricate and often confusing legal forms, and present the user with a simple, logical series of questions that derive accurate answers without requiring duplicate information to be entered. TurboCourt assists courts in providing timely access to justice while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and shifting error prone manual data entry and capture onto the customer.

Currently, TurboCourt solutions are used nationwide in the areas of family law and domestic relations, small claims, landlord tenant, guardianship probate, dissolution/matrimonial, domestic violence, general and limited civil, appellate and child support. The platform’s flexibility enables our staff to accommodate your court through a wide range of options.  Whether TurboCourt need to become fully integrated with your current CMS/DMS, perform as a stand alone operation or simply provide our optional eDelivery, TurboCourt professionals can provide a comprehensive product to meet your individualized needs. In addition, TurboCourt software supports statewide and local electronic filing, electronic service, electronic access, electronic payment and other e-services. Our current modules provide us with the capability to connect simultaneously hundreds of case management and document management systems without regard to differences in platform, data structure, processes or jurisdiction.


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