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Intresys provides comprehensive training curriculum for:

  • Clerk and Court Staff
  • Judicial Officers
  • Bar and Law Firm Staff
  • TurboCourt Administrators


Clerk and Court Staff

Clerk and Staff training is designed for intake staff and individuals involved with case assignment and management.  This training ensures users know how to review incoming filings, communicate with filers electronically, accept and reject documents, monitor proper bridging of data to the CMS, and are aware of other features.  No prior technical knowledge is required.

Judicial Officers

Judicial training is designed for judges who interact directly with the e-Filing system.  Training content includes document retrieval, document creation/ modification and the approval and rejection process for judicial officers.

Bar and Law Firm Staff

Bar training is designed to familiarize attorneys and law firm clerks with the electronic filing process in the context of the TurboCourt application.  Attorneys may proxy their system access to law firm clerks.

TurboCourt Administrator Training

Administrator training is designed for designated judicial staff to advise how to setup courts, locations, users, and jurisdictions within the TurboCourt product.  Intresys performs the initial set-up and train the administrators enabling them to change the parameters at any time.